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Pre-Opening Services

“The pre-opening phase of a hotel is an opportunity.”

Izim Bozada

We have an extensive experience on all areas of hotel development and we have attended hotel opening procedures numerous times in the past.

We may assist with:

  • Selection of themes, designs, operating equipment and operating supplies

  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

  • Human resources planning, staff hiring and training

  • Pre-opening marketing, opening events, advertising, positioning

  • Standards and procedures implementation

  • Monitoring progresses and reporting

  • Contractors choosing

  • Accounting setting

  • Purchasing and ordering

Hotel Care provides unique services, tailor made to each project and carefully designed to meet its individual needs.

We assist owners/investors to develop hotels or transform existing properties into profitable hotel operations. We support and advise them throughout the whole development cycle, from the initial idea to the opening of the property.

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